Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fitness Day 1

Just a quick background, I have lost and kept off 60 pounds thanks to and tons of inches. I moved into phase 4 on Monday. If you don't know about the HCG diet I suggest you take a look at the above website. There are 4 phases, 1 loading days (yummy BTW) 2 low calorie days, 3 maintenance phase and 4 life! 

I decided it was time to get back to everyday life no more watching calories and taking drops time to move onto exercise, toning and fitness.So I bit the bullet and joined a gym. Like many overweight people I had joined other gyms before with no success, but this time I have a secret weapon........My 14 year old daughter. She is like a dog with a ball :) She is keeping me motivated and since Monday I have been every day. I know I know its only been 4 days but that's a HUGE accomplishment for me, the always overweight Id rather lay on the couch with a book than do anything else girl. 

Also a contributing factor to my success this time is I hired a personal trainer. She gets to start torturing me on Friday. I meat with the fitness manager tonight for my fitness review before I start the actual torture. So far I have been doing some cardio and the 30 minute circuit at the Alaska Club here locally with the help of the fitness experts. I am actually excited to go to the gym, shocker right? I will post successes and any trade secrets I find out. 

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